Thursday, 15 September 2016


              Narrative Writing

Purpose: To Entertain our audience.

Structure: Introduction.
WALT: Co-Construct a Narrative With my poem
WILF: Followed Narrative structure
40 years ago in the deep blue sea lived a Crabapuss with huge fat bulging eyes an enormous slimy long tentacles and razor sharp snappy claws. His best friend was sharktopus he was half octopus and half shark  sharktopus had long legs and a big fin.

Sharktopus and the Crabapuss were fighting sharks. Then the sharktopus to the sharks to stop but they did not listen. Crabapuss and sharktopus hightailed away from the sharks. Humans were diving in the sea they tried to kill the crabapus and the sharktopus. The shark caught up. The humans tried to shoot sharktopus. He dodged it. And it hit one of the sharks. Then sharktopus and crabapus killed the humans. The sharks are still chasing crabapus and sharktopus the octopus helped crabapus and sharktopus escape from the sharks.

The octopus done the black stuff like a puff of black ink that comes out of their bottoms. They zoomed away from the sharks. Then they lived happily ever after.